I Lost You To This

by Plastic Smiles

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Released October 4th 2013.


released October 4, 2013

Recorded @ The Nook Recording Studio in New Lenox, IL from June-September 2013
Produced, Engineered and mixed by Nick Nativo

Dave Gomez- Vocals/Guitar
Dominic Talerico- Bass/Vocals
Brittany Bowman- Guitar
Patrick Campbell- Drums



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Plastic Smiles Blue Island, Illinois

EST. 2010

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Track Name: If You Need Me, I'll Be in the Basement
“If You Need Me, I’ll Be In The Basement”

It’s getting harder, so much harder.
The past has me chained up from my arms.
So here’s a letter. I thought that I had her.
I tried to cover up these scars.
I got a fucked up mind, a crooked spine.
and I find it hard to breathe sometimes.
The ribcages that you’ve collected
remind me of how hollow you are.

I was oblivious, you lost your innocence.

Just look at what you’ve done
to all of these young and innocent boys.
I wasn’t the only one. I wasn’t the only one.

Now that it’s over, I should of told her
that she was everything I need.
I should be better, I should have never let you crawl inside of me.
She’s like a spider bite, a parasite that eats away at me.
I’ll just sit back and relax while her cold words run through my veins.

I left the room with the truth
in the palm of my hand.
There’s no way out that will not hurt.
I wasn’t the only one. I wasn’t the only one.
Track Name: You're So Scared, I'm So Damaged
“You’re so scared, I’m so damaged.”

You woke up on the wrong side of yesterday.                                                     I pulled you from the wreckage.                                                                       My mind is so conflicted.                                                                                   You’re so scared,…. and I’m so damaged.

and I know, you know it was always you.                                                             I never felt more comfortable not knowing where I stand.                               I’ll stop and hold my breath.

It hurts like hell,… I’m in awe of you. 

It feels like I’m losing something I never had.                                       I’d set myself on fire to feel this way again.

and it sucks to say that you may never be mine. 2x                                           

Remember when we drove in my car                                                               and we talked about aliens and stars and I never felt more miserable not knowing where I am.                                                                                     I should of left before the end.                                                                             how could this happen again?

I saw your face,… and I fell apart.
Track Name: Night on the Sun
“Night on the Sun”

You breathed it all in, 
never letting go.

Life is like a head-blur staring at the sun.

I hope you can fall. Fall for yourself like I did.

Yeah, just like I did. 
I can’t let you go.

Don’t let the sun go down on you here. I won’t let the light take you now. (I Lost You To This) Don’t let the sun go down on you here. 

I’m falling away from you.

Someone make this alright,

we need the night sky
to survive on our own

to save the fire in your eyes.

You’re no longer flesh and blood. 

I Lost You To This